(noun) Process through which one transforms existing objects into objects of greater value

The Alchemy Method

A suite of brand marketing consultancy services that identify and optimize existing company assets to generate incremental revenue and add value.

Brand Marketing Consultancy Services

1. Forging Alliances

We define a "Strategic alliance", as two companies coming together to form a mutually beneficial relationship that helps drive growth and incremental revenue for both sides.

Examples include, among others:
(i) leveraging another company's distribution & reach to build new customers,
(ii) gaining added placement and driving sales through the right co-promotion, or
(iii) sharing capabilities to optimize current product offerings.

Seltzer Licensing Group conducts an assessment of your goals, develops a plan that uses strategic alliances to achieve those goals and identifies the best partners and paths for executing that plan.

2. Brand Strategy Assessment & Development

A company's value in the consumer marketplace is only as strong as its brand. Our brand strategy assessment and development tools allow companies to evaluate the strength of their brand and if necessary refine and or reposition their brand to better fit the marketplace.

These tools include:
- Initial Brand Strength Assessment (for both established and emerging brands)
- Brand Strategy Roadmap Creation
- Visual Identity Development (Our creative services tool)

3. Market & Retail Entry Strategy

Is your brand ready to enter a particular market? Should your brand be in a particular channel of distribution? These are two key questions that both emerging and established brands must ask themselves in order to drive growth and succeed in the face of ever-changing retail and market dynamics. Seltzer Licensing conducts an in-depth analysis that answers these questions, provides the roadmap for how it can be accomplished and implements that roadmap.

4. Brand Analytics and Valuation

What is the value of a brand beyond just revenue? Using our proprietary methodology, Seltzer Licensing answers this question by quantifying the reach of your brand and assigning it a tangible monetary value. This includes an evaluation of all of the following consumer touch points:

- Retail Placement (on shelf presence and POS)
- Marketing Collateral and Advertising
- End-user Use
- Social Media Presence
- Retail Exterior and Experience (For Brands with retail outlets)