NYU Licensing Class

Jul 15, 2015

The NYU brand licensing class is a 3-credit undergrad class taught by Stu Seltzer since 2005. This is the only 3-credit college class in the world focused solely on brand licensing. One of the advantages of being in NYC is the access to licensing professionals. The following is a partial list of Licensing professionals that have visited the classroom to participate in case studies, share their licensing experiences and provide words of wisdom.

NBA - Sal LaRocca EVP, Global Merchandising Group
Ohio State University - Rick Van Brimmer Dir. Trademark Licensing
Unilever - Sally Brown Brand Manager
CBS - Liz Kalodner EVP and GM, Cons.Prod.
DC Comics - Cheryl Rubin SVP, Brand Management
Donna Karen - Anne Marino EVP, Global Licensing
ESPN - Tori Stevens VP, Branded Experiences
Liz Claiborne - Babara Friedman President, Corporate Licensing
CSS-Paper Magic - Steve Cohen VP, Licensing
Grimes & Battersby - Jim G. Coplit Partner
Leason Ellis LLP - Peter Sloane Partner
DC Comics - David Erwin Exec. Creative Director
Dan River - Todd Kaufman* Lic. Coordinator
Jennifer Zivic - Formerly Hit Entertainment Director of Licensing
Marty Brochstein - LIMA SVP Industry Relations
Mart Malysz - Dependable Solutions President
Robert Strand - Jarden Outdoor VP, Licensing
Scott Thompson - Greenberg Traurig Partner
Susan Fields - Marvel Vice President Product Merchandising
Tony Lisanti - Advanstar Publisher
ESPN - Meredith Ashley Associate Director, Licensing
Gary Caplan, Inc. - Gary Caplan President
Global Brands Group - Mark Matheny President and CEO
Dan River - Neil Mandell SVP, Licensing
JanPlace Media Search - Janice Meisler President
Classic Media - Karyn Schneider Exec. Director
LIMA (Licensing Industry Mfg Assoc.) Jennifer Coleman SVP, Marketing and New Bus. Dev.
LIMA (Licensing Industry Mfg Assoc.) Marty Brochstein SVP Industry Relations
Little Miss Matched - Jason Dorf Co-Founder
Little Miss Matched - Jonah Staw Co-Founder
Eisner LLP - Lewis Stark Partner
Madison Square Garden - Robynn Delin Director, Licensing & Retail Programs
Major League Baseball - Peggy O’Neill-Janosik Sen. Dir., Quality Control
Classic Media - Colin McLaughlin Sr. Licensing Mg
Nickelodeon - Denise Gomez Mgr, Retail Development
Nickelodeon - Jose Castro Director, Global Retail
Nickelodeon - Rachel Leber Sr. Director, Consumer Products
Nickelodeon = Sandra Cohen Director, International Marketing
Pokemon USA - Bruce Loeb VP, Marketing
Pokemon USA - Holly Rawlinson SVP Licensing
Silvergoose - Faith Wall EVP, Licensing
Take Two - Steve Lux VP, Business Development
Todd Oldham Studios - Vital Vayness Head of Licensing
Trump Organization - Sara Nemerov VP, Global Licensing
United Media - EJ White Licensing Coordinator
United Media - Pam Dixon Licensing Director
United Media - Sherikay Perry Brand Manager
US Tennis Assoc. - Paul White Director, Licensing