The Business of Brand Licensing

What is Licensing?

At its most basic, Brand Licensing is a contractual relationship between a brand owner (Licensor), and a manufacturer or retailer (Licensee) who develops and distributes a product or service under the brand name in exchange for a fee.

We believe, when done right, it is a strategic alliance between two companies who come together and share in the risk, share the control and ultimately share in the rewards.

Benefits of Licensing

When done well, Brand Licensing mutually benefits both the Licensor and Licensee. Beyond royalty revenue, it leads to increased touch points, and brand awareness while driving sales of core product for the Licensor.

For Licensees it can open new retail opportunities, increase sell-in and most importantly sell-through. As we always like to say, the right brand can make a good product GREAT.

Global Services

As a Global Brand Licensing Agency and Consultancy, our goal is to help brand owners, manufacturers and retailers alike, simplify the ever-changing and increasingly competitive world of brand licensing with the following key processes that are too often overlooked:

Strategic Licensing Plan Creation

Our proprietary methodology that analyzes your brand's licensing potential in relation to the competitive landscape and current retailer environment. The end result includes recommendations on new product categories, licensing models (i.e. Standard, Direct-to-retail etc.), partners, and projected royalty revenue income.

Securing the Right Partners

Our proprietary Partner Identification and Analysis Process (PIAP) analyzes a potential partner's current customers, brand footprint, culture, financial strength, and alliance history to identify appropriate strategic partner(s) to meet your licensing goals whether you're a brand owner, manufacturer or retailer. Once identified, we can provide seamless, turn-key solutions to securing that partner, including contacting the "real" decision makers and presenting the opportunity on your behalf. We do the heavy lifting through negotiations and deliver a signed agreement.

Brand Licensing Program Management

The key to a licensing program's success comes after the all contracts have been signed. From royalty and contract administration, to routing approvals, style guide development and organizing licensee summits, we provide all the necessary solutions to keep your licensing programs and partnerships growing.

Licensing Brand Impression Valuation

This report delivers the answer to the big question executives have been asking for years: "What is the value of my licensing program beyond the royalty revenue income?" Our proprietary methodology measures your licensing program in terms of brand impressions and delivers a reliable dollar equivalent.

Licensing Program Audit

Seltzer Licensing Group conducts a complete assessment of your company's current licensing activity. This exercise has proven value in allowing companies to more thoroughly understand their existing alliances & partnerships in order to better plan for future licensing success.

Brand Licensing Brainstorm Workshop

Seltzer Licensing Group will come to your offices and lead a brand licensing brainstorm session intended to help draw out the key licensing opportunities which should be pursued further.